The official inaugural meeting of Jiangsu Biophysical Society was successfully held in Nanjing

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The official inaugural meeting of Jiangsu Biophysical Society was successfully held in Nanjing

On August 14, the inaugural meeting and the first member representative meeting of Jiangsu Biophysical Society were successfully held in Nanjing, and the conference was held in a combination of online and offline mode, and academic reports and roundtable forums were held at the same time. The conference was hosted by Jiangsu Biophysical Society and co-organized by the School of Life Sciences of Nanjing University, the Institute of Artificial Intelligence Biomedical Technology of Nanjing University and the Nanjing Institute of Carbon Silicon Artificial Intelligence Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd.

The guests attending the conference online included Rao Zihe, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, founding chairman of the consortium of Chinese life science societies and professor of Tsinghua University. The guests and leaders attending the conference offline included Shi Yunyu, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and professor of the University of Science and Technology of China, Zhou Hengxin, deputy director of the Department of Civil Affairs of Jiangsu Province, Huang Danmin, deputy director of the Social Organization Management Bureau, Feng Shaodong, vice chairman of the Jiangsu Association for Science and Technology, Yue Zhishun, director of the society department, Song Jia, researcher Song Jia, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and vice president of Nanjing University, Liu Pingsheng, director general of the Chinese Biophysical Society and researcher of the Institute of Biophysics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Ji Yong, secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Life Sciences of Nanjing University. Wang Jianjun, honorary chairman of Jiangsu Physiological Science Society and professor of Nanjing University, Han Xiao, executive director of Chinese Cell Biology Society and professor of Nanjing Medical University, and Zhang Chenyu, dean of the institute, etc. There were also 123 members from many units in the province, including 44 online participants. Professor Gu Xiaoyun, Vice President of the Institute, presided over the conference.

Academician Shi Yunyu and Vice President Zhang Junfeng jointly unveiled the plaque of the Society, witnessed by Director General Liu Pingsheng, President Zhang Chenyu, Secretary Ji Yong of the College of Life Sciences and Dean Wang Jun of Kuang Yaming College.

Deputy Director Zhou Hengxin and Vice Chairman Feng Shaodong issued letters of appointment as expert consultants to Academician Shi Yunyu, Academician Rao Zihe, Director General Liu Pingsheng, and Professor Gao Xiang.

On behalf of the consortium of life science societies of the China Association for Science and Technology,

Academician Rao Zihe expressed warm congratulations on the establishment of the society. He reviewed

the pioneering and development process of biophysics in China, and pointed out that the biophysics department

in Jiangsu Province started early, has a superior geographical location and a gratifying development momentum,

and a series of policies have made breakthroughs in biophysics in recent years. Finally, Academician Rao encouraged

all members to be down-to-earth, continue to work hard and achieve new achievements.

Academician Shi Yunyu pointed out that Jiangsu Province is one of the provinces with the best biomedical development

and talent education in China, and the establishment of the society will promote the integration and intersection of

multiple disciplines, train more outstanding young scientific research workers, and make the results of scientific research

work better serve the people. Academician Shi sent a message to the members and students present here, look up at the

starry sky, be down-to-earth, walk with love, work hard, forge ahead, and learn for life.

Director General Liu Pingsheng reviewed the development history of the Chinese Biophysical Society, which has worked closely with many societies such as the United States, Japan and South Korea to become an academic development consortium. He hopes that the society can actively participate in the work of the consortium to promote the development of life sciences in China.

Deputy Director Zhou Hengxin said that various national reform measures and the solid scientific research strength of Jiangsu Province have provided a broad space for the establishment and development of the society. It is hoped that the society can grasp the correct direction of development, base on legal management, strengthen its role, build a platform for academic research, academic exchange and successful transformation, and promote the continuous development of life and physical sciences.

Vice Chairman Feng Shaodong encouraged the society to build a first-class platform around key areas such as academia, science popularization, and scientific and technological services, and hoped that the society would strengthen political guidance, strengthen service functions, strengthen its own construction, and strive to build a modern science and technology society that is lawful, standardized, democratic and independent.

Yue Zhishun, director of the Academic Department of the Provincial Association for Science and Technology, proposed that the development of the society should consolidate the construction of political ideology, establish and improve the organizational structure, and implement the professionalization of the staff team.

Professor Wang Jianjun pointed out that the society should promote academic exchanges within and outside Jiangsu Province and internationally, actively carry out academic science popularization work, and serve the society in the way of "production, learning and research". Professor Han Xiao took the development of the Jiangsu Developmental Biology Society as an example and hoped that the society could strengthen academic exchanges with various societies.

Vice President Zhang Junfeng recalled the development process of biophysics at Nanjing University. He stressed the need to strengthen cutting-edge basic research, promote the deep integration of interdisciplinary disciplines, give full play to the advantages of the society's platform, and achieve common development and common prosperity.

The first member congress voted to adopt the Constitution of Jiangsu Biophysical Society and other

working documents. The meeting elected the first board of directors 53 directors and 3 supervisors.

Zhang Chenyu, Dean of the Institute, was elected as the first chairman and legal representative,

Academician Gu Ning, Professor of Nanjing University School of Medicine, Professor Wang Wei of

Nanjing University, Professor Wu Jiawei of Soochow University were elected vice presidents, and

Professor Xiaoyun of Nanjing University was elected Secretary-General.

Focusing on the theme of "Development and Future of Biophysics", the conference invited Academician Shi Yunyu, Professor Sun Fei, Professor Wang Wei, Professor Sun Haibo and Dr. Zhao Jing to give wonderful invited reports. Academician Shi Yunyu made a comprehensive summary of the development direction of artificial intelligence and biomedicine. The conference also set up a roundtable forum, inviting experts and scholars in the field of biophysics in Jiangsu Province to exchange and dialogue around the theme of "Construction and Development Suggestions of the Society".