Major research plan of NSFC Spatiotemporal network regulation of glucose and lipid metabolism 2020 Annual symposium.

    Major Research Plan of NSFC 2020 Annual Symposium

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Major Research Plan of NSFC 2020 Annual Symposium

The national natural science foundation of major research plan of 2020 annual conference - "glucolipid metabolism of time-space network", in 2020 November 28 solstice held on December 1, nanjing jiangbei new area , the meeting will be sponsored by the national natural science foundation and nanjing university, by the bureau of nanjing jiangbei new area tech , nanjing jiangbei new area health department, nanjing university institute of biomedical technology of artificial intelligence, nanjing carbon silicon institute of artificial intelligence biomedicine.

The national natural science foundation for the first time held in nanjing jiangbei district conferences, meetings involving the national well-known institutions of higher learning, scientific research institutes, large hospitals, such as more than 80 units, there will be four famous academician, national natural science foundation leadership group, nanjing university school, school of wuhan university, jiangbei district leadership, various academic project members a total of more than 300 people attended.

The conference for discussion of the major research projects of national natural science foundation has been put billions of research funds and one of the important subjects for decades, the main concern because the glucolipid metabolism as a result of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and many other threats to national health important disease mechanism and solution of these basic research are expected to rapidly into revolutionary innovative drugs and treatments for the disease.

Professor Zhang Chenyu, Dean of the Institute of Artificial Intelligence Biomedical Technology of Nanjing University, as a core scientist, actively participated in this major research program and achieved a series of internationally leading original research results. Our institute will devote itself to transforming relevant research results into new technologies and products as soon as possible, so as to produce economic fruits as soon as possible on the hot land of biomedical industrialization in Jiangbei New Area.

The meeting address

▊ November 28, 2020 - December 1

▊ kaiyuan hotel in nanjing

Address: No. 35, Wende East Road, Pukou District, Nanjing

New Century Hotel Nanjing - New Century Hall