Under the leadership of the chief scientist, Professor Zhang Chenyu, Dean of the school of life sciences, Nanjing University, the core technology team will be committed to combining the principle and technology of artificial intelligence with the research of biology, medicine and pharmacy to form a new interdisciplinary field. In the three sub fields of artificial intelligence structural biology, artificial intelligence precision medicine and artificial intelligence new drug research and development, the original theory will be proposed respectively, to carry out original research and develop new biomedical technology based on artificial intelligence.

  • AI Structural Biology

    The dynamic structure and physiological function of biomacromolecules are studied by combining artificial intelligence technology with structural biology method, using deep learning algorithm to assist biophysics.

  • AI Precision Medicine

    Through in-depth learning of artificial intelligence method, analysis of disease multi-component data, multi-level factor association analysis which can not be completed by human brain, the basic goal of precision medicine - targeted treatment under the guidance of precise molecular typing is truly realized.

  • AI Drug Discovery

    The convergence of life science, mathematical science, computer information science and engineering, especially the application of big data and artificial intelligence technology, will bring the third revolution of life science and new opportunities and challenges to the research and development of new drugs.