The 2020 Annual Meeting of Institute of Artificial Intelligence Biomedical Technology of Nanjing University was held.

    The Annual Meeting of Aibio was held

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The Annual Meeting of Aibio was held

On January 16, 2021, Nanjing University Institute of Artificial Intelligence Biomedicine and Engineering Research Center of Protein and Peptide Medicine 2020 Annual Meeting was successfully held in Nanjing University International Conference Center. JiYong , Zhang Chenyu and Ding Jianping attend the meeting.

JiYong addressed a welcome speech .Ding Jianping hoped that young experts and scholars can achieve both "publishing papers" and "doing transformation", and turn what they think into practical effort and action, so as to make greater contributions to the field of protein and polypeptide.Yan Chao made a profile of Aibio.

The experts and scholars made wonderful academic report.